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We will clean your home so you can get things done.

Why Choose Us?

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House Help Saves You a Ton of Time

There are times when we are just too busy that we cannot even wipe our tables clean not to mention any more time consuming house cleaning chores.

We just leave our homes and come back later after a tiring day of work, only to drop our bags and sleep without even touching a single piece of paper.

Even during the weekends, we tend to forgo cleaning in favour of doing other things that we cannot do because of the weekday toil.

Don't Worry. We’ve Got Your Back

That is why we are here. We are here for you and your home.

No more coming home at the sight of feeble cleaning efforts! No more getting cheap services after paying a hefty amount of cash with the promise of “fairytale-like cleanliness”!

Instead, you will have the home that you would want to stay in for the rest of the day. You will have that kind of home that you would be so proud in talking about to your friends and colleagues, and to have them coming over later for them to see how refreshingly clean everything is.

When it comes to home cleaning, we are fully trained and fully motivated. For us, cleaning is fun and the sense of satisfaction we get goes through the roof whenever we see the wide smiles of our clients after seeing their home in a new state of awesomeness.

Providing our customers with a great peace of mind has been a company policy since our humble beginning.

A very successful and wise man has once said:

Keep your customers happy and the business will take care of itself.

We totally reflect on this thought. Actually it has turned onto our daily motto. Cleaning is not really that hard once you learn how to leave your home at the hands of those who truly care.

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A Professional Cleaning Agency

Do not despair. Contact us NOW! There is no need for you to be put in such a messy situation.

You can still have a clean home. Or precisely, a much cleaner home while you are out there enjoying your time of freedom.

London is a great city with lots of places that you can visit on a Sunday afternoon. Why don’t you do that instead of taking a trip to your attic with dusters in hand?

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You Really Wanna Clean That House?

And when we finally get that very rare time to clean our nest, we do it in a very quick manner because we do not want to spend too much time in something that is both boring and tiring.

Who would want to get all-knees down trying to scrub those tiles back into its shiny glory after spending a hard weekday earning an honest crust? And if you do try to clean your house, are you sure you are doing the right way of cleaning?

Don’t risk your security deposit. Work smarter. Hire professional end of tenancy cleaners.

Are you sure that you swept every little space?

Or did you just toss those scraps under your closet never to be seen again?

Are you sure that those tiles are free of the tiniest of stains? Is your bathroom disinfected?

Or did you just mop it with all haste and declared it clean? Is your dining table ready for tonight’s meal?

Or are there still remnants of last night’s chocolate cake and chicken gravy that you thought you “thoroughly” wiped? And more importantly:

Did you use safe cleaning materials? Or did you just check the ingredients section of that cleanser and saw some long names you cannot even pronounce and declared it as an effective cleaner? And if you did use such materials, did you even consider the risks that it poses towards you and your family?

Are you sure that your children would not get a nasty skin rash in a matter of days?

Not to mention the time you will spend cleaning that house could have been spent somewhere else like going out with your family or with your friends. Instead of hanging out and watching a movie, you find yourself trying to remove that stubborn patch of dirt with utmost futility.

No Risk Cleaning Service

We are fully insured for those moments something goes wrong.

If that happens, we support you until the problem has been fully resolved thus removing the burden and hassle of dealing with insurance companies.

We do not ask you to sign away your youth in lengthy service contracts. Cancel with a month's notice - this is our 30 days rolling contract for an added peace of mind.

At the end of the day, if you do not fully enjoy your house cleaning service, we do not want to stop you from leaving.

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Helpful Customer Service Support

So leave everything to us. Send us a message NOW!

Cleaning is our passion, and having a clean home is the message we are working so hard to spread all around the place. Just talk to us. We are all ears. Tell us what you need. Explain to us your concerns.

We will listen, we will give you suggestions and we are prepared in whatever you need to be done.

Highly Recommended House Cleaners

  • All the years of expertise in handling different homes and challenges
  • Unparalleled house cleaning techniques that everyone tried to imitate without success
  • A cohesive team of cleaners who are trained to handle your home with care
  • And we did mention that they are very friendly and professional as well!
  • Safe cleaning materials that do not compromise the quality of life in your home
  • Very affordable pay packages and customizable pay plans for those who keep a watch on their budget
  • Round-the-clock availability for your cleaning needs. And yes, we have night-shift cleaners who are ready to answer your call when you need that place clean before the break of dawn

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Very impressive and thorough service from the booking over the phone to the execution of the clean. All cleaners are insured for a peace of mind. No risks involved, so why not use them regularly. Highly recommend to anyone with time in short supply! 

Corinna B.,  Hampstead

I needed a maid quite urgently. What was my surprise when not only I had someone starting clean my place in just under 2 hours, but they did such a good job. My (bachelor's) pad is now a better place for fun and relax. Big thanks to the cleaners.

Mark S, Wandsworth

Don't Hesitate, Book a Maid Today!

How much is an hour of your free personal time worth? Or how much is an hour of your time when tou are in money-making mode creating the future? Is it worth more or less than what we charge per hour cleaning? If you answer "more" then you can benefit tremendously from our domestic cleaning service.

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